Needle free subcutaneus infusion


Majority of people who used the Comfort-in needle free injection system have reported feeling no pain, while some indicated feeling slight pressure, a pinch or a snap at the time of the injection



Comfort-in needle free injection system eliminates the risk of accidental needle stick injuries and the consequent danger of transmission of infections and diseases. Needle free technology significantly reduces the fear and anxiety associated with a needle injection.
Comfort-in is in compliance with Directive 2010/32/UE



Ready to use in just a few simple steps. It can be used by patients, under their doctor’s authorization, for the self-injection.
Over all user surveys indicate a preference for needle free injections over those given with conventional needles. It greatly reduces the need for sharps management and disposal costs

How to use Comfort-in

  • Fill the needleless syringe (nozzle) using the adapters
  • Charge the device using the pressure lever/box
  • Select on the graduated scale of the device the same quantity of the dose previously charged inside the nozzle.
  • Connect the nozzle to the Comfort-in
  • Put the device Comfort-in at 90° respect the infusion site


It releases the drug at high speed, creating a " fluid needle " that penetrates the skin in less than 1/3 of second.

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